Pure Nano Technology

nanoseal gen2 washable masks

Fighting THE SPREAD of COVID-19

The motivation for the proposed concept of gen2 nano masks was based around, how do we offer a value-added service to all forms of industry at a competitive cost without sacrificing the well being of people and reducing the spread of viruses.

The answer lies within our nanoseal sterile technology incorporated into our 3ply fabric masks. Our gen1 mask has already been proven to be of high quality and above government gazetted specifications. We have been successful in applying the nanoseal sterile technology on to the masks thus resulting in a masks that actually works actively killing 99.99 % of viruses “

Now available in a combo pack of 4 comfortable & safe masks including a 150ml atomizer bottle of nanoseal sterile™️, to protect other items of clothing & surfaces within the home”

Nanoseal sterile™️ 150ml atomizer bottle
  • Anti-virus, anti-bacterial & anti-mould
  • Decontamination action 24/7 – 365 days a year
  • Improvement of air quality
  • Natural mineral & water based
  • Enviromental friendly & transparent coating
  • CFIA registered

G.L Coatings Pure Nano SP28 has been developed for industries that face highly corrosive environments and can withstand most chemicals. The SP28 can withstand acids that range from pH 0 – 13 levels. The Nano SP28 has superior protection against Bacterial and fungal growth. Nano SP42 Colours are available for Top Coats, that has the same benefits as SP28.

G.L Coatings Pure Nano technology has developed products that are durable and long lasting that will protect your valuable assets and reduce yearly maintenance costs.

G.L Coatings offers application services, conducted and managed on site by our trained teams. Please feel free to contact us for an official quote.

Low Light Condition During The Test
Test Sample
Concentration of Inoculums
Virus Reduction Rate (%)
2 Hrs
Anti-Viral Rate (%)
2 Hrs
Influenza A Virus
2 x 107
  • Pricing is delivered in Johannesburg 1 drop off point
  • Available capacity is +/- 1000 combo packs per day
  • Standard 7 working days lead time from date of deposit payment / official order
  • Masks guaranteed for 20 washes using certified and approved washing detergents and methods
  • Nanoseal sterile ™️ actively kills 99.99% of viruses when applied to surfaces teared order quantities will have teared prices
  • 100 – 1500 packs / 1501 – 2500 packs / 2501 – 6000 packs / 6000 & above packs